Unbelievable Hibiscus

This blog is setup to give information on the cultivation of hibiscus and display some of the hibiscus we have in stock. We have a nursery in Florida where we grow and sell our plants. We ship all across the States. For more information Email Don or Kathy @ mixonteam@yahoo.com or call 813-390-6040.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub is hybridized by Roz Merritt,Past President of the American Hibiscus Society. Roz has now passed away, we will miss a great hybridizer

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Bold Idea

This beauty will bloom most of the time. we grow alot of these for the 2009 sale year.

Tahitian Celestial Beacon

Tahitian Celestial Beacon

This looker will be available in the near future.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

How many seeds are in your pod?!?

This is an introduction to the American Hibiscus Society (AHS) for anyone who has not seen, heard or been involved with us or hibiscus in general. Two things helped us gain knowledge fast, The Tropical Hibiscus Handbook and the Seed Pod. Now I am not talking about a pod with seeds in it; this is "The Seed Pod"! It has all the information anyone getting started could need. You get one every season that you are a member of a chapter of AHS or you can get you hands on one at an AHS show.

The Seed Pod has information pertaining to judgements in shows as well as promoting upcoming ones. List of grower's nurseries can be found in it's pages as well as tips on what works for the professionals. The best thing is you get to see all the unbelievable hibiscus for yourself and find which one you fall in love with.

The easiest thing to do is contact the AHS Chapter near you and get involved in the sensation that is sweeping the nation and bringing a little beauty at the same time. Once that is done you will start to meet people who will be glad to help you with your problems and answer any questions that you may have. Some societies do not do not value all members equally but this is something you will not find here. So sign up and we hope to see you at a show soon.

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They're REAL!!!

This photo was taken at one of the past American Hibiscus shows. If you thought that you would only get to see a few select blooms, were you wrong? These shows are filled with the best of the best of the hibiscus around. Some of the blooms that you will find may be from a plant that you will never see again simply because there are so many new varieties coming out each year. If you find a plant that you like buy it and help keep that strain going. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single hibiscus, I mean step.

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Silver Memories

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Time for an education, it's the Tropical Hibiscus Handbook

Once we decided to get involved with growing hibiscus we had to get information on what to do. The one thing that has been the most helpful to us was our Tropical Hibiscus Handbook that we got from the American Hibiscus Society. It sheds light on every subject that can come up in more depth than the University of Florida and Herbs2000.com have said on their sites. The covers contain beautiful pictures of Georgia's Pearl, which was created by Barry Schlueter and Silver Memories from Dan Bandit. Between these amazing specimens of reality you find 120 pages of the most useful information you will find necessary to breath life into a new hibiscus that no-one has seen but you. This is one of our first hybrids called Marge Hine after Kathy's mother.

Marge Hine (above)

These are two hibiscus that we have hybridized, we are still deciding on the names. If you have a suggestion for these new additions, feel free to comment on the issue. You never know, we may go with your name or three may be another lucky recipient down the road. We have had several creations that have made us proud and we hope to enable you to do the same with these Unbelievable Hibiscus.

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